MRT KEY v3.65 Update Released

MRTKEY Ver 3.65 Update Released Added MTK 6853 6873 Chip and MTK 5G Supported

What's the News :
Huawei last 5G UFS MTK Chip done!!!
This is MRT Team did First in the world
this is last huawei mtk cpu,case is now USA has closed huawei IC, so they can not make new hisi cpu phone,

and a lot mtk cpu will come!!

MRT Team will ahead of all !!!

World first !!!!
New update for huawei MTK 5G Mobile phone

Added MTK 6853 6873 Chip Supported.
you can remove frp & account with this!

" need open mobile and use TP "

HW_Flasher also support huawei mtk flash in 5%!!!
  • FRL-XXXX0a
  • Nova8 SE
if mobile not in list,just select same cpu and do it will ok!!!

<now mrt also can support the mtk 5G mobile phone with UFS IC>

Download :
MRT Ver 3.65 Meta Box

MRT Ver 3.65 GDrive 1
MRT Ver 3.65 GDrive 2
MRT Ver 3.65 GDrive 3
MRT Ver 3.65 GDrive 4

MRT Ver 3.65 Mega

MRT Ver 3.65 AFH
Pass : mrtokey

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